Graeme Yule Photography

Two male fighting peacocks from India Two male fighting peacocks from India Skeleton and cast of female African elephant Tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur fossil skeleton cast Dodo model Jean Muir personal lecture slides Scent bottles & snuff bottles from Bohemia & China 19th century AD British Telecom red Trimphone telephone, 1982 Golden gown from Northern Nigeria, Nupe Tribe Ivory fan from China T'ang dynasty pottery Bactrian horse from China 618 - 906 AD 17th century porcelain jar from Japan Radiating meta-autunite platy prismatic crystals photographed under ultraviolet light West African Bini tribe grave posts African elephant skull Steel War hammer, 15th or 16th century Tiger claw bracelet set in gold from Thailand Royal Society of Medicine gold medal awarded to Sir James Whyte Black , 1988 - 1989 Silver prayer cylinder from Tibet Ming dynasty, bronze tortoise and serpent from China 1368 - 1644 AD Master clock mechanism from a pendulum regulator clock Citrate of peroxide of uranium and soda Globe made in Edinburgh by Scott and Kirkwood, 1804 Bush bakelite radio, 1950 Gramophone made by Gramophone and Typewriter Ltd, 1904